ICT terminology dictionary has been published

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Communications and Information Technology Authority, Universal Service Obligation Fund, Mongolian University of Science and Technology, and the National University of Mongolia have jointly published ICT terminology dictionary. Once the dictionary has been published, it will reduce different translations, ambiguities, and uses of professional terms and terminologies, and will be important for creating a better understanding between people. Professional terms translation is difficult to translate into a single word that has the same meaning, depending on the development of countries, cultural differences, mentality, and the content of information. Therefore, to translate professional terms and phrases into Mongolian correctly, and to use appropriate terms in their entirety, it is necessary to keep the Mongolian language close to the Mongolian mind, even if it is transliterated, in order to facilitate communication with professionals in other countries and added Mongolian translations as much as possible so as not to violate the rules of the mother tongue.   Click HERE to view this dictionary online [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


13 services of the Capital City Archives have been included in E-Mongolia

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Following services of the Capital City Archives have been added to the integrated e-service system E-Mongolia. Employment reference Reference documents related to the housing The reference that no documents have been stored in the state archives Copy of notarial document Reference to the order documents /ordinance, decree, order, decision/ Salary Reference Copy of the general examination results of the general education school Migration-related inquiries Issuance of court decision inquiries Issuance of reference to the act conclusion Issuance of death registration reference Issuance of banking and financial inquiries Issuance of Atonement reference At the same time, with the introduction of the Chimege voice conversion system in E-Mongolia, visually impaired people can visit www.e-Mongolia.mn and read the service instructions, and in the future, we will work to ensure that people with disabilities have seamless access to public services through E-Mongolia. As of today, 404160 citizens have access to E-Mongolia, an integrated e-service system, to receive public services online. As a citizen, you can access public services online without leaving your home, regardless of space or time. Website: e-Mongolia.mn Mobile apps: iOS App: https://apple.co/36G1ZDR Android App: https://bit.ly/2Sj3nUk [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


UNREAD: The best application of the 2020

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Since its establishment, Unread Media has been introducing the best startups and entrepreneurs who are leading the market with their innovative products, services, and innovative methods in the Mongolian start-up business environment. In this context, the Unread Awards were initiated in 2016 to award the journalists who specialize in business and technology. This year, Unread has awarded the following apps as WINNERS, offering a new look and innovative solution to the market and making them more user-friendly and easy to use. CHIMEGE - The highlight of last year's Unplug event was the announcement of Chimege. Their goal is to teach artificial intelligence the Mongolian language and allow them to experience technological progress in their native language. There's no going back if you've tried Chimege Writer and Chimege Reader. Chimege's solution was one of the highlights of this year, giving the impression that the future is bright and that technological opportunities are real. E-MONGOLIA – Forget about bureaucracy, long queues, and complicated documents. Now you only need one app. E-Mongolia took a big step towards becoming an “e-nation” this year. This solution, which allows you to access government services from your mobile phone, saves a lot of people's time, reduces various expenses, and makes it easier and more convenient for users. The app, which currently connects 181 services from 23 organizations, aims to digitalize 592 government services next year. M+ MUSIC – It is a platform to introduce you to Mongolian music, to evoke exciting sounds, wonderful melodies, and refreshing words. From “Haranga” and “Khurd” to Sarantuya and Ariunaa, from “Lumino” and “Ice Top” to ThunderZ and Ginjin, from “Nisvanis” and “The Lemons” to Namone and Amra Mongolian rock, pop, and hip hop. It has the largest collection of artists of all time in Mongolia. M+ Music plans to release foreign artists in 2021, which shows a full-fledged app for the plague-era entertainment industry. TOMYO - For anyone who wants to become a citizen of the world, Tomyo offers innovative, interesting, visually appealing, and cost-effective solutions that have led to a leap forward in the field of educational technology. Industry experts and top professionals share their knowledge and experience here. In addition, Tomyo Skills has created content that is accessible to anyone interested in personal development and career advancement. Ухаалаг (Smart) - The goal of Smart is to create a more economical and environmentally friendly lifestyle by moving business cards to smartphones which were one of the highlights of ICT Expo 2020. Their app might be the growing demand in the post-epidemic business environment. CTA - Having fun answering interesting questions and they offer many gifts and rewards to test your knowledge. The highlight of the year! UB CAB - Few would argue that the most sought-after service during the curfew was probably a taxi call. The most reliable, fast, and hygienic taxi service in Ulaanbaatar was UB Cab. During the plague, they inevitably gained more loyal customers.   Also, Itoim news site highlighted release of E-Mongolia public service platform as one of the top 5 events in 2020. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


In 2020: Approved the policy document on the 5G network and introduced the E-Mongolia system to the public

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]CITA reports its achievements for 2020. CITA approved the policy document on 5G network development and Mongolians will able to use the 5G network from 2023. E-Mongolia, an online service platform integrating 181 services of 23 organizations introduced in 2020. In 2021, it is expected to involve a total of 592 services of 50 organizations in E-Mongolia. Furthermore, the Back-up Center of the Mongolian National Data Center established in Darkhan city. “ICT Expo-2020” took place in an onsite and virtual format. The onsite exhibition attracted more than 400,000 visitors for 3 days. Within the framework to support entrepreneurs and start-up businesses, CITA has granted privileges for 12 start-up companies to participate in ICT Expo-2020 and offered free booths. The virtual exhibition is available on www.ictexpo.mn throughout the year. Highlights of what CITA did in 2020: Approved the Policy document on the 5G network and from 2023 Mongolians will able to use this technology. Introduced the E-Mongolia system to the public. Through the system, about 400,000 citizens get 181 services from 23 public organizations. Established the Back-up Center of the National Data Center in Darkhan city. ICT EXPO – 2020 held both in an onsite and virtual format and 12 start-up companies allowed to introduce their services free of charge. More than 400,000 visitors visited the exhibition for over 3 days. The virtual exhibition is available on ictexpo.mn website. Approved the policy on child protection in an online environment. Approved the policy on TV, audio, video, and OTT services. Formulated Draft law on Public Information, Draft Law on Personal Data Protection, Draft law on Online Information Security in assistance with the Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs. Approved the regulations to provide services by the organization in charge of state electronic database. 2G and 4G network delivered to 31 points of remote soums and bags. Internet services delivered to 71 points of remote areas. Two more soums connected to the high-speed broadband network. Provided mobile network expansion in 9 soums Provided power generators in 243 soums and established telecommunication towers in 61 soums, which are important steps to ensure the readiness of telecommunication services. Provided support to increase accessibility and frequency of postal delivery services in all soums of 9 aimags. Provided the renovation of one-stop telecommunications service buildings in 196 soums and construction of 25 new buildings. The front office system introduced in 21 aimags and 330 soums and operators started to provide services at one-stop service centers. ERP system provided to 15 public organizations. Provided certificates on e-signatures to 6621 government officials. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


QR.119.MN Tracing PLATFORM on Covid-19 launched

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Communications and Information Technology Authority launched the tracing web platform on Covid-19, www.QR.119.mn, for citizens and businesses. “Ebarimt system has got great popularity with its daily usage of 500 thousand accesses. Therefore, the web platform was developed based on the existing system. All organizations permitted to carry out operations by the Government and others that will be opened further shall be registered to www.QR.119.mn website, create their QR code containing information of company name, address, and contacts and put them at the noticeable place, near the entrance. And citizens must read this QR code when visiting those places. In the case of infection at those places or near that area, citizens will be notified immediately through the Ebarimt system” informed the officials from State Emergency Commission, Information Technology Center of custom, taxation, and finance and CITA during today`s press briefing.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Facebook supports the distribution of reliable news during the pandemic

There is an urgent need for reliable news distribution due to the local transmissions of Covid-19 that have occurred in Mongolia. Therefore, Facebook committed to supporting the official source pages such as the Government of Mongolia, Ministry of Health, Communications and Information Technology Authority, and Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC) to provide reliable news to the users. Facebook supports following activities: Supports an official page of Ministry of Health to distribute the news and informationBan any fake news regarding Covid-19 and accelerate the news from reliable sourcesDirect the activities of Green Chanel at CRC to Covid-19 contents and fake news regarding the public health and safetyCooperating with a local NGO Mongolian Fact-checking Center to work on the fake news and distribute its information to the users. Since the local transmissions of Covid-19 that have occurred in Mongolia, Facebook is advising the users to follow the instructions from the World Health Organization and wisely take the news from only reliable sources.


Marchaakhai supports E-Mongolia

Marchaakhai LLC, which is contributing to the intellectual development of children, is now introducing the “E-Mongolia” digital platform for public services. E-Mongolia is giving you the opportunity to spend time with your family.  Since the Covid-19 occurred locally, citizens are advised to get public services from home during this lockdown situation. As of today, 181 frequently used public services of 23 governmental entities are included in the E-Mongolia, and the number of services will increase up to 492 by the end of 2021. Marchaakhai LLC produces the children’s educational contents of learning an alphabet, numbers, songs, poems, and short stories which were the first in its sector in Mongolia. Marchaakhai has been working successfully and can be found on the website as well as an application on the internet. If you want to install Marchaakhai apps, please visit following links Apple app link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/marcaahaj/id1130228211Android app link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ionicframework.myapp143522 During this lockdown, your children can learn from Marchaakhai.


Recommending to get public services online during Covid-19

The local transmission of Covid-19 happened in Mongolia and Mongolian State Emergency Committee announced a full curfew for five days starting from 6 am, 11 November 2020 until 06 am 17 November 2020.  Therefore, all citizens have been urged to stay home, wear masks, sanitize hands, and do wet cleaning regularly at home. And if you need to receive public services, including obtaining or extend ID or driver`s license, you can able to get 181 public services at home through the www. e-Mongolia. mn website or E-Mongolia mobile application. Furthermore, we are working to involve E-Mongolia in another 492 services by 2021. E-Mongolia application users will not be charged for mobile data used thanks to our mobile service providers. If you have suggestions or questions related to the system, you can able to send them to the 11-11 Government hotline number or using the E-Mongolia chatbot. Currently, following services are available at E-Mongolia: 26 services of state registration48 services of taxation7 services for road and transportation10 services related to Police Department2 services of the court decision4 services of social insurance7 services of labor and welfare3 education services1 service of Traffic Control Center1 service of health insurance1 service of Land Administration, Geodesy and Cartography Agency1 service of Immigration Office1 service of Ministry of Nature and Tourism36 services of City Council of Ulaanbaatar16 services of archives7 services related to nature7 services related to tourism3 services of Road development office of Ulaanbaatar7 services of Culture office of Ulaanbaatar3 services of Employment office of Ulaanbaatar


Chairman of Taxation Department: With E-Mongolia, government agencies become more interrelated and able to access information electronically, not paper based

During press briefing held on 28 October 2020, Ms. Bolor-Erdene B, Chairwoman of CITA, Mr. Zayabal B, Chairman of General Department of Taxation and Ms. Oyunjargal Z, Project Management Director of Chatbot LLC made updates on E-Mongolia system.Recently, total of 48 services of taxation included in E-Mongolia.Chairman of General Department of Taxation said that total of 48 basic services of taxation are included to E-Mongolia and with E-Mongolia, the government agencies are becoming more interrelated and able to receive information electronically, not on paper as before. Through the various taxation systems, there are about 340 people per minute and 21 000 people per hour getting services. Within first nine months, in duplicate, the number of people who only got tax statements online reached to 1 589 643. Last year, around 422 thousand taxpayers were received online services, while in first nine months of this year this number reached to 616 thousand. And we also have estimated the amount of cost savings in figures due to the taxation services became online: MNT 116 million from the cost to come in person at the taxation offices and register as a taxpayerMNT 300 million from the cost to come in person at the taxation offices for tax report verificationMNT 18.5 billion from the cost of paper tax report submissionMNT 2 billion from the bank transaction feesMNT 100 million from the printing of vehicle tax certificate per yearMNT 150 million from the printing of personal income and tax registration book per year and in total about MNT 21 billion was saved.Ms. Bolor-Erdene, Chiarwoman of CITA noted that since the launching of E-Mongolia, 01 Oct, within a month, we have 179 253 accesses and 148 267 people got services through the system.“I shall emphasize that private sectors have big roles and leadership on the system development and improvement. For example, we have started to get feedbacks related to the system through chatbot, which is the product of Chatbot LLC, as well as CU Mongolia is cooperating with us on the system promotion and advertisement field.”Ms. Oyunjargal Z, Project Management Director of Chatbot LLC: A new additional channel, Facebook messenger chatbot, to get public services from E-Mongolia has launched. Chatbot allows you stay close to the public services that you need, get on-time information and updates and express your feedbacks freely.You can visit website, call to operators, or just send your requests via chatbot for 24 hours a day. You do not have to waste your time to check your service request processes and responses. Furthermore, you will able to download inquiries or documents, make payment, check your application status, view service history and payment statements, evaluate the service and write reviews via this chatbot.As a next phase, AI chatbot will able to work automatically, without human input, by communicating in Mongolian, giving necessary services onsite, and distribute the citizen’s request directly to relevant public organizations.


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