The annual ICT Expo 2019 to be organized at the Misheel Expo Center from 27-29 September 2019 for the 13th consecutive year. In the framework of the ICT Expo 2019, a forum took place under the theme “Together in Digital Development” at Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel on 24 September 2019, jointly by the Communications and Information Technology Authority and Mongolian Information and Communication Operators` Association. The forum mainly focused on policies and strategies of ICT sector and government activities shall be taken to successfully implement the digital transformation. Among representatives of policymakers, service providers, non-governmental organizations, universities and international organizations of ICT industry hot discussions were extended on each panel, concerning to ensure cross-sectoral coherences of ICT applications, programmes and projects, increase productivity and economic efficiency through introducing ICTs in other sectors and enhance leadership of ICT private companies to provide digital transformation in the business areas and other sectors. During the forum, besides of the presentations and panel discussions, the web portal of Integrated Public Service Center was introduced. The purpose of the web portal is to allow citizens to get public services using DAN System (state authentication system) or their digital signatures.


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