Marchaakhai supports E-Mongolia

Marchaakhai LLC, which is contributing to the intellectual development of children, is now introducing the “E-Mongolia” digital platform for public services. E-Mongolia is giving you the opportunity to spend time with your family.  Since the Covid-19 occurred locally, citizens are advised to get public services from home during this lockdown[...]


Chairman of Taxation Department: With E-Mongolia, government agencies become more interrelated and able to access information electronically, not paper based

During press briefing held on 28 October 2020, Ms. Bolor-Erdene B, Chairwoman of CITA, Mr. Zayabal B, Chairman of General Department of Taxation and Ms. Oyunjargal Z, Project Management Director of Chatbot LLC made updates on E-Mongolia system.Recently, total of 48 services of taxation included in E-Mongolia.Chairman of General Department[...]


Minister of Road and Transportation: 7 services related to road and transportation included to E-Mongolia, and other services will also be available in near future

Mr. Bat-Erdene J, Minister of Road and Transportation informed today (28 Oct 2020) that additional 7 services related to road and transportation have included E-Mongolia, an integrated public service system. He said that in recent years, the Government of Mongolia has issued a number of policies and resolutions concerning digitalization[...]


Chatbot now on E-Mongolia

The official Facebook page of E-Mongolia, the integrated e-service system, has now a messenger chatbot, which allows citizens to get the necessary services on time, send comments or requests, and express their opinions 24/7. The chatbot also could be used via website. Using this messenger, several services, such as[...]


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